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Process Improvement Cycle Services

Systematic process improvement follows a series of steps. It carries an organization from an awareness of the need for improvement through implementation of a set of improvements. Once completed, the steps are repeated in a cycle of continuous process improvement.

Davis Systems provides guidance and support through the entire cycle.

[Process Improvement Cycle Graphic]

Awareness of the Need for Process Improvement

Improvement starts with a general awareness of the need for change. The awareness provides the motivation to put forth the necessary effort for improvement.

Davis Systems' role:

Senior Management Understanding and Commitment

Improvement requires investment and involves cultural change. Its success is therefore dependent on the commitment of the senior executives. It is important that top managers understand what will be required at the outset to ensure their support throughout the improvement cycle.

Davis Systems' role:

Assessment of the Current Process

Assessment looks at the current practice to determine the needed improvements. It is also an effective way of promoting interest and involvement in the improvement effort.

Davis Systems' role: Lead the performance of an appropriate process assessment:

Action Planning

The next step is to plan actions to be taken on the findings and recommendations from the assessment.

Davis Systems' role:

Implementation of Changes

Implementation typically involves process and tool definition, selection, development, integration, piloting, packaging, and training. Most of the implementation effort is centered around the technical working groups. Typical outputs of the working groups are policies, overviews, procedures, standards, and training for new or improved processes. Pilot projects are used to try out and refine changes before spreading them throughout the organization.

Davis Systems' role:

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