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Managing TSPSM Teams
This two-day course is intended for managers who directly manage software development teams. The course covers the principles of the TSP and its use by self-directed teams.  Participants learn how they and their teams will use the TSP to improve performance in terms of increased visibility into project status, improved quality, and continuous improvement. The course focuses on operational skills such as how to determine project status in terms of customer value, schedule, and quality.  The course also focuses on the changing role from project "managers" to "team leaders" and "team coaches".

Candidates for this course include software project managers, software team leaders, and software supervisors who have some familiarity with software engineering and software development, and who will be leading TSP-teams.


  • Background on the TSP and self-directed teams
  • The TSP launch
    • understanding business and product goals
    • selecting team roles and establishing team goals
    • high-level end-to-end planning
    • development strategy (release planning)
    • detailed-level near term plan (iteration planning)
    • define/select team working processes
    • quality planning
    • risk identification and mitigation
  • The TSP planning, process, and measurement framework
  • Project monitoring and tracking
  • Managing quality throughout the life of a project
  • Changing role when working with self-directed teams


  • Estimating
  • Quality planning
  • Schedule planning
  • In-progress status checking
  • Postmortem process
  • Leading and coaching teams
  • Team data collection
  • Earned value analysis
  • Quality management
  • Managing with data
  • Getting started issues

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