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Satisfied Customers

"You were able to demystify the whole process of estimation, planning, and quality.  I now want to take the advanced concepts class, but only if you will teach it!"

C.F., Adobe Systems

"You have made a tremendous, positive difference in our organization."

P.S., Intuit

"This class [Managing TSP Teams] should be required attendance for all our managers, not just for managers of TSP teams."

R.L., Trend Micro

"Davis Systems has provided excellent advice and coaching to our management team."

M.W., Cisco Systems

"Your experience and background made the Executive Seminar a great learning experience."

W.Y.,  Hewlett Packard

"We look to Noopur Davis as an industry expert in practices to produce high quality software.  She is more than a consultant to us:  she has become a necessity."

C.G, Microsoft

"I now understand why our CTO asked me to attend a TSP Executive Seminar conducted by you.  He said it was one of the best seminars he had ever attended, and I agree with him"

E.J., Intuit

"We have found you to be very customer focused, very professional in your behavior, and extremely knowledgeable in your work.  It is rare to find someone that can not only be an "expert" in their field, but also so pleasurable to work with".


"Some team members and managers who took PSP/TSP training from other companies’ trainers say, 'There is no comparison to Davis System's training. They are the best.'"

J.S., Intuit

"The services provided were outstanding.  I would highly recommend Davis Systems for software process improvement consultations and SEI CMM assessments.  We gained tremendous insight into our corporate strengths and weaknesses."

B. F., Madison Research Corporation

"D. Davis conducted the [program] Micro-AssessmentSM and formal assessment in a thoroughly professional manner.   He is technically competent, but more importantly, has the capability to quickly assess organizational processes and procedures and the ability to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.  He has gained the respect of the software practitioners as well as the middle and senior managers. 

In addition to competency in the SEI CMM, D. Davis has demonstrated a thorough understanding of project management of complex defense programs.  His personal experience in program management lends credibility to his assessments.  He is also an excellent coach and trainer..."

W. C., United Defense Armament Systems Division

"We especially appreciated: a) knowledge of CMM — ability to apply concepts, b) experience in CMM level 2 & 3 environments, c) calm — level headed performance in meetings, d) ability to integrate efforts — remote & local, e) flexibility of approach."

T. K., BellSouth Technologies

"Good grasp of problems — good solutions."

W. C., PEI Electronics

"...it’s been a pleasure working with you. You are very professional, an excellent organizer, and very knowledgeable of subject material."

J. R., US Army Missile Command

"Davis Systems has been providing outstanding software process improvement services to us. 

Your work is to the point, honest, and professional.    You helped us look at the most controversial software engineering issues in our organization and were able to help us resolve them as well.

Without your help we would not have been able to achieve our objectives in such a short period of time."

D. V., United Defense Ground Systems Division

"The [PSP] instructor’s knowledge and intuition was excellent."

A. O., Irdeto Consultants B.V.

"I have been through several similar classes, but this was by far the best in thoroughness and explanation."

F. H., COLSA Corporation

"All work undertaken by Davis Systems was completed in a professional and capable manner. Davis Systems worked well with our staff. Even though we are a small company, your firm did some great things here. This was a good experience based on teamwork, support, and a good exchange of ideas."

J. S., Madison Research Corporation






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