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Software Process Improvement Initiation Workshop
An important first step in initiating software process improvement (SPI) is for the organization’s senior management to develop an understanding of the need for SPI and of the means to improve. Armed with this knowledge, they then participate in initial planning, and provide the appropriate leadership and support throughout the improvement effort.

This workshop integrates an executive orientation on software process improvement with working sessions to get the effort underway. It is designed to help an organization transition from an awareness of the need to improve its software processes into initial process improvement planning.

Participants should include the champion(s) and sponsor(s) for the organization’s software process improvement. The champions are those in the organization who recognize the need for improvement and are motivated to push the effort forward. Sponsors are those executives who will authorize, fund, and steer the effort and tie it to the business goals of the organization.

The aim of the workshop is to produce the following results:

  • The participants are prepared with knowledge and motivation to champion, sponsor, and steer the organization’s SPI efforts.
  • The participants share a common vision of where the organization should go with SPI.
  • An initial plan is underway for the SPI effort.


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